D Is For Dress Code

May 24

Hard to believe but yes there is usually a dress code even in kindergarten. The main reason is school districts will often adopt a dress code for the entire district. They then enforce the dress code throughout all grade levels in the hope of having parents and students learn it from the beginning of their school experience. Because each districts dress code will vary, make sure you know your district expectations from the beginning.

Mine does not allow dress or blouse straps that are less than an inch wide, no leggings worn as pants, offensive t-shirt logos, dresses and skirts that are more than 3 inches above the knee and/or baggy pants!

Besides the school district dress code, you may run into dress requirements or suggestions for different classes. The P.E. teacher in my building asks parents to please make sure your child wears running shoes (not sandals) on P.E. day. Also, the school frowns on wearing flip-flops on the playground.

Remember every school will have different policies but those policies are meant to keep your child safe and comfortable at school. It is never fun for a student to have to wear their coat all day to cover a shirt, or to have to turn their t-shirt inside out to wear it because of the logo on it. Broken flip-flops and sandals are a hazard and hard to walk in. If you know the requirements from the beginning, it will make school life easier. And a lot more enjoyable for your child.


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