Word Walls

I currently have three word walls in my classroom through out the school year. I am planning to add a fourth wall this year which will include math vocabulary that we use in our curriculum. I have included the word cards that I use for the three current word walls in my classroom on this page.

Special Word Wall

My special word wall includes all the words that I try to introduce to the students through out the year. The special word wall is available for them to use during writers workshop or other activities in the classroom. I usually introduce the words together as a theme. Ex.  color words, oceans, etc. All of the following words are on my Special word wall by the end of the school year.Students are welcome to use it but are not held accountable to read or write these words by the end of the year.

Special word wall

Special Word Wall 2

Special Word Wall 3

Special Word Wall 4

Special WOrd Wall 5

color word wall

signs wordwall

Sight Word Wall

These words are the words that I hold my kindergarten students accountable for by the end of the school year. I introduce and add three words to the sight word wall a week through out the school year. Students need to be able to read these words by the end of the school year both in their reading materials and out of context.

Sight Word Cards

Name Word Wall

The name word wall consists of all the names of the students in our classroom. I also put a picture of each student next to their name as a visual clue. I have included both the sign I use for the wall and an example of the word cards without the students pictures on them.

classnames wordwall

Math Word Wall

The math word wall is my new addition to my classroom this school year. My district is taking on math vocabulary, and I am hoping this word wall will help my students remember some of the words required for kindergarten.

 math word wall