Attendance, Calender, and Schedules


Each month I hang a different attendance decoration on the board for the students. I use this idea to help the students recognize their names. When they come into the room in the morning it is their job after they put their backpack and coat away to go to the board, find their name on the decoration and take their name off and put it into a basket that is sitting there. I’ve included the small decoration pieces that I laminated and write each students name on for the attendance.

September Apple Tree


October Scarecrow


  November Turkey


  December Christmas Tree


January Ice House

calendar snowflakes

February  Candy Box or Valentine

february attendance

feb. attendance 2

March Pot of Gold

pot of gold attendance

April Umbrella


May Flower Basket

may attendance

Lunch Count

After the students take their attendance marker off the board they go to the lunch chart and pick out which card fits their lunch needs for the day and then place it into a pocket chart with their name and picture on it. I print these cards on card stock (red for lunch, yellow for milk, and green for nothing). laminate them and cut them out. The cards usually last me three or four years before I have to make another set.



These are just extras I use at calender time to help reinforce ideas.


todays date is

calendar shapes

Days of Kindergarten Count

Days Of Kindergarten


 Schedules are a funny thing in kindergarten. Some students understand them and remember what to do from the first day of school and other students need to be reminded through out the school year. These schedules help me and my students stay on course through out the day. The visual schedule is used with individual students who are struggling threw the day until they get use to changes or new programs. I laminate a strip of poster board, and add velcro to the board and the back of these tags. I can then change the schedule either daily or several times during the day depending on the student. I have found that this schedule is very helpful with autistic students.


bus schedule

visual calendar


Fall Name Tags 2

spring nametags 2