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My Kinder Website Work!

Jul 31

I’ve been racking my brain over how to present this website! Strictly business or just casual!!!  I think I’ve decided to go with casual! It’s more who I am! So here it goes: I’ve downloaded my ideas, but I am still working on the instructions and previews. That may take me some time because as all of you know school is just around the corner. So it’s back to my classroom starting this week to start cleaning and organizing for the new school year  (I know that’s probably exactly what all of you are doing also)! Have a great week and please continue to check back when you can for more ideas! Jen

Welcome to my Kindergarten classroom!

Jul 21

Hi everyone! Please be patient with me as I put information and activities on this website. When I decided to take on this project I didn’t realize how time consuming it would be. So, sorry for the wait! Enjoy your day today and everyday.