Student Books

One of the things I am constantly on the search for is books my Kindergartners can read that are simple and have good picture clues. These are a few of the books I have made to use in my classroom.

I Books

I went to school

on halloween

Things I like to eat

Things I like to do

Things to do in the fall

Things to do in the winter

Things to do in the spring

Things to do in the summer

Alphabet Books

Bb book

Mm book

Rr book

Ss book

Books tailored after Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Bill Martin Jr.

Pink bird, pink bird 

 halloween, halloween

farmer, farmer

scarecrow, scarecrow

pilgrim, pilgrim

sleepy bear

 santa, santa

ocean, ocean

Student Illustrated Books

These are books that I copy on the copier for each of my students to illustrate and keep. My studnets practice these books everyday until they have the pattern memorizied. When I have my students take these books home, they need to read them with three people they know, have the three people sign their a homework sheet that goes home at the same time. If they return the homework sheet with three or more signatures on it, they get to pick a prize from the classroom prize box.

halloween, halloween, student illustrated

animal counting book

green speckled frogs

My Mm book

My Rr book

Letters in my name

My little leaf flew