Wall Books

Wall Books

Four years ago I was lucky enough to be able to attend a workshop given by Leanna Traill and her staff from the New Zealand schools. One of the many, many great ideas I came away with included making big classroom books to have students read as part of a literacy center. I called these Wall Books. I make them on big sheets of paper and tape them up in order on the cabinets in my room. Everyday during literacy centers a group of three students are at the wall book center. They read the book together as a group three or four times. After the students have finished reading the current wall book on the cabinets, they read from a tub of previous wall books that are stored in the classroom. All of the wall books are filled with sight words and picture clues so that the students can easily remember the patterns of the story. The pictures that I use in my classroom for my wall books come from coloring pages or clip art that I have found and saved throughout the years.  At the end of every school year I auction the wall books off to the students and they take them home.

Please note that as I have  typed these books up for my classroom the sentences were not always put in order in my documents. I tried to fit them in by size. So hoping that my confusing way of doing things wouldn’t make this part of the website to hard to use, I am going to include how I order the words of the books here. But by all means order them however you feel fits best for your students.

Falling Leaves

The leaves fell from the tree.

A green leaf fell.

A brown leaf fell.

A purple leaf fell.

An orange leaf fell.

A red leaf fell.

They all fell down on me.

The End

falling leaves Wall Book


I see children.

I see crayons.

I see scissors.

I see books.

I see chairs.

I see desks.

I see school.

The End

school Wall Book

Scarecrow Colors

The hat is brown.

The shirt is green.

The gloves are yellow.

The pants are blue.

The boots are black.

The scarecrow.

The End

scarecrow 1

If  You Meet  A Turkey

Tickle his nose.

Tickle his wattle

Tickle his feathers.

Tickle his tummy.

Tickle his toes

Tickle his chin,

And that will be the end of him!

The End

If you meet a turkey

 Look At Santa

Look at the hat.

Look at the jacket.

Look at the belt.

Look at the mittens.

Look at the pants.

Look at the boots.

Look at the presents.

Look at Santa.

The End

look at Santa

I Am A Snowman

I am a snowman.

See my black hat.

See my button eyes.

See my carrot nose.

See my green scarf.

See my red mittens.

See my brown broom.

I am a snowman.

I am a snowman


I see mittens.

I see red mittens.

I see blue mittens.

I see orange mittens.

I see yellow mittens.

I see pink mittens.

I see green mittens.

I see mittens.

Mittens Wall Book

Counting Valentines

Valentines, Valentines, how many do I see?

Valentines, Valentines,

count them with me.

I have red ones,

orange ones,

yellow ones, too.

I have green ones,

purple ones,

and some that are blue.

Valentines, Valentines,

How many do I see?

Count them with me!


COunting valentines


Dominik and Natalie are in the blue house.

 Reina and Alondra are in the pink house.

Guadalupe and Alina are in the green house.

Ava and Lily are in the yellow house.

Belen and Giovanni are in the purple house.

Brady and Matteo are in the red house.

Magali and Evann are in the orange house.

Maria and Isidro are in the brown house.

Mercedez and David are in the black house.

Houses Wall Book


I have one pink heart.

I have two purple hearts.

I have three blue hearts.

I have four green hearts.

I have five yellow hearts.

I have six red hearts.

I have lots of hearts.

I have hearts.

I have hearts

Let’s Look For Our Friends!

Aleecyah and Malia are inside the tree.

Conny and Megan are under the bridge.

Kolade and Natalie are beside the mushrooms.

Kathryn and Madison are on top of the rainbow.

Anahi and Olivier are behind the clover.

Jocy and Damon are between the flowers.

Christian and Josiah are outside the house.

Jasmine and Esme are in front of the hat.

Cassie and Yahir are  above the pot of gold.

march wall book

Easter Bunny

I am an Easter Bunny.

See my floppy ears.

See my pink nose.

See my blue eyes.

See my bow tie.

See my striped jacket.

See my yellow chick.

See my pretty flowers.

I am an Easter Bunny

The end.

easter bunny wall book


 It rained on Alondra and Bridger.

 It rained on Reina and Matteo.

 It rained on Guadalupe and Natalie.

 It rained on Belen and Mercedez.

 It rained on David and Giovanni.

 It rained on Magali and Maria.

 It rained on Isidro and Ava.

 It rained on Lori and Evann.

 But it didn’t rain on Alanna.

 The end.

It rained on


I see a yellow fish.

I see a purple fish.

I see a red fish.

I see a blue fish.

I see a green fish

I see a gray fish.

I see a pink fish.

I see an orange fish.

I see a rainbow fish.

I see a fish wall book

Fishy Fish

Fishy Fish is looking for a friend.

He looked up.

He looked down.

He looked in.

He looked out.

He looked left.

He looked right.

He looked over the octopus.

He looked under the octopus.

He found a friend!

The end.

Fishy Fish

I Am A Farmer

I am a farmer.

My hat is yellow.

My shirt is green.

My belt is black.

My pants are blue.

My boots are brown.

My bucket is gray.

My barn is red.

I am a farmer.

My name is Farmer MacDonald.

I am a farmer