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Going To Work On Saturday!

Aug 11

Once August 1st comes I can hardly stand the overwhelming feeling that I need to get my classroom ready for all those beautiful new 5 year olds that will be walking through the doors soon! But our janitor has an overwhelming amount of work to get the building ready before they come back to school also. So how do we find a nice balance, I go on Saturday so I can stay out of his way! I don”t mind, I mean we both need to get our jobs done. Saturdays are always nice and quiet in the building. Only a few teachers venture into the school. I usually can get a lot finished. And if I get it all finished, I will have much more time to visit with my colleagues and hear all about their summer adventures when we come back to work! 🙂 Enjoy your Saturday! I will happily be cleaning out my classroom library and putting up bulletin boards!