C Is For Conferences

May 24

Most school districts have conferences for their students and their parents at least once or twice during the school year. Conferences are a great time to see how your child is doing in class and what they need to work on. I always love visiting with parents during this time. The kids get to show off their work and parents get to ask lots of questions.

Conferences may be a great time to visit, but please don’t make it the first time you come to school or visit with your childs teacher. We love having you involved in your child’s education. Come and meet me and visit with me whenever you want to and often.

If you have questions about how the year or your child’s education is going please ask. When you come to conferences please feel free to bring a list of questions you want to know more about. And please feel free to ask questions or contact your child’s teacher after conferences as well. Conferences are often quick and packed with lots of issues and talking. After you get home and look through your child’s report card again, you may have more questions or need more information about something. Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher to get more information or better understanding about an issue.


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