Songs and Chants

Kindergartners love to sing. These are a few of the songs we sing in my kindergarten classroom. Many of them have retell pieces to go with the song. After a couple of weeks of singing or memorizing each of these songs and chants, I have my students color, cut and glue the words and retell pieces into the poem books.

Ten Little Songs

All of these songs are sung to the tune: Ten ilttle Indians.

10 little apples

10 little pumpkins

10 big turkeys

10 little reindeer

10 little snowmen

ten little flowers

Teapot Songs

All of these songs are sung to the tune: I’m A Little Teapot

Little Pine Tree

Here’s a little groundhog

I’m a little firefighter

I’m a little teapot poem

I’m a little snowman

I’m a little snowflake

Good Morning to you is sung to the tune: Happy Birthday

Good Morning to you

Other fun songs

spider on the floor


itsy bitsy spider

Five Little Chants

five little hot dogs

5 little spiders

5 fat turkeys

5 little bells

5 Little Reindeer

5 little gingerbread men

Five Little Snowflakes

Five Little Snowmen

Five Little Snowmen 2

5 litle hearts

five seashells

Five Little Fish