Math Ideas

More/Less Game

Materials: You will need three sets of cards for every two students to play this game. I copied the cards onto white card stock, laminated them and cut them out.

How to play: Shuffle the cards and place them between the two students. You will need to decide which concept you would like your students to work on more or less. Player one picks the top card and has to tell their partner the amount on their card. Player two takes the next card and tells their number also. If the students are playing  More, than the student with the higher number takes both cards. At the end of the game each student counts their cards and the player with the most cards wins the game. If you are playing less, than each time the students pull two cards the player with the least card takes both cards. At the end of the game the player holding the least amount of cards wins the game.  

More or Less game

Two Towers

Materials: game board, unifix cubes and  a die.

How to play: This game is played with two students. Each student has a side of the game board. The first student rolls the die, they then build a tower out of unifix  cubes to match the number they rolled. The student then places their tower on their side of the game board. The next student  the takes a turn. And places a tower on their side of the game board. The two students will take turns until they have each filled in their side of the board. Then each student takes their towers and puts them together to make a long line of unifix cubes. They compare the two lines of unifix cubes. The player with the most unifix cubes from the game board is the winner.

2 Towers

flashcard numbers


number sense cards

dice bowling

100 cards

number flash cards

part part whole

pyramid game

button sort

number puzzles

Fill in the Square

100 day glasses


ten square

In cup

12 table

shape loo song

This year is the Math vocabulary year in our school. We are trying hard to add more words to our bank of understanding for our studetns. I wrote this song and added retell characters hopeing to help my studetns better understand the word order.

Order song