When I use to say the word assessment I cringed. Over my years of teaching I have changed my ideas of how and what assessments are used for. I have gone from using them only as a final result for a grade in the grade book or report card to using them as a tool in my teaching. Assessment can be a valuable tool in tracing your students progress in learning as well as the mapping out of the best next steps in a students learning goals. I have included a few of the assessments I use in my classroom on this page. The Sight word list and beginning assessments are tools I use at the beginning of the year and then again every quarter to check my students for growth in our state’s standards.

new sight words

Beginning assessments

Year Long Goals

The following two assessments are check sheets that I use to track the progress of my students throughout the school year in reading and writing. The goals at the top of the sheet are ultimately what I would like to see all of my students accomplish by the end of the school year in order to be ready for first grade. These check sheets help me to keep track of which skills I need to work on next with each individual student.

Kindergarten Reading Goal Sheet

Kindergarten Writing Goal Sheet

Letter Home

My school district tests all Kindergarten students reading skill at the end of the school year by using the DRA. When all of the testing is done, each family is notified of their child’s level and what steps to take next in their students reading education. This is a letter I also send home with the last report card to give the families a stepping stone in reading with their child through out the summer vacation. I highlight the DRA level and books suggestions on the level for each individual students test score before I send the information home.