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Great Dollar Finds

Jul 25

Every year about this time I start shopping a little more than usual. Gratefully , I have noticed  throughout my years of teaching that each year brings better and better bargains for teachers as well as the students. So lately I have been out looking for these wonderful and great bargains for my classroom ( All of us teachers know, we have to find good bargains!).  And this year I have found lots of great items for my classroom ranging in price from $1.00 to $2.50 each. My favorite finds have been at Michael’s, Target, Walmart and The Dollar Store! Each of these stores have a teachers section with their back to school bargains. Name plates for a dollar, bulletin board borders for a dollar, totes, and lots of organizational tubs for 2.50! I am having a shopping hay day! Here are a few pictures of my great finds.

I hope each of you is out finding great bargains as well and enjoying our last few weeks of summer vacation!

Kindergarten Kindergarten Website

Jul 10

I am always looking for new and exciting websites that have to do with teaching kindergarten. This is a fantastic site titled Kindergarten Kindergarten. The author has tons of free ideas that you can use in your classroom. She has included pictures as well as detailed step by step instructions on how she teaches each activity. I hope you will enjoy her ideas as much as I have. Here’s a link to get you started on the Kindergarten fun:

No More Apples On My Desk!

Jul 08

Have you ever noticed that everyone thinks teachers  love everything apples? I’ve received  tons of apple gifts from friends, family and students over the years. And I have loved them all! They have been thoughtful and kind gifts that I have proudly displayed in my classroom. But, I am not an apple kind of person. Before I became a teacher no one would of ever thought to give me something with an apple on it! It’s funny to me how we as people attach certain items to professions and the people that work at them. And apples are definitely for the teacher!

So, I had to laugh when my daughter bought me a black shoe tape dispenser and a black purse sticky note holder for my desk at school recently. They are so me! I love shoes! I love purses! I love to wear the color black!!! I can’t wait to put them on my desk! My colleagues will laugh and say that is so you! And I will be wondering how many of my teacher friends would much rather have the black high heel shoe on their desk than an apple? I bet  at least a few!