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15 Days And Counting

May 20

This time of year is so hard to plan. The kids are ready for summer vacation and I am having a hard time holding their attention. We have 15 days left and they are counting them down. So I have my check list of things to finish the year and I am counting down with them. I found a great idea on Pinterest. I bought each of my students a pail and shovel (at Michaels with a 25% off your entire purchase coupon). All of their end of the year paper work such as report cards, pictures, testing grades, etc… goes into the pail and home with them for summer. This is the first year I am trying this out but I love the idea. Enjoy the last remaining days of your school year to the fullest.

Mothers Day Present

May 11

Making a classroom gift for my students to take home on Mothers Day is sometimes hard. I want a gift to be hand made yet there are not a lot of ideas that I have found that a Kindergartner can make and take home to their mom. Of  course I am also looking for a cost effective gift as well. This year we made a flower card that I found the pattern for on the Michaels website and a foam magnet for the frig. I bought all the supplies at the Dollar Store. My teacher friends and I love the dollar store! The problem is I don’t feel these are very original, and I love original. So any ideas would be so welcome! I hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day and if you have a school aged child, they bring home a unique, fun gift for you this year. 🙂