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Persuasive Letter Writing Chart

Feb 11


My second graders have been busy this month working on writing a persuasive letter in order to get something changed. But I am finding as each year of teaching goes by, writing a letter and all its parts seems to be a harder and harder thing for them to accomplish. Most of my students know all about e-mails, texts, snapchat and even receiving a card, but not a good old fashioned letter. I have tried describing the parts of a letter, discussing it with them and reading literature full of letters but since people in general tend to be writing fewer letters, it is a hard task to explain to 8 year olds.

So I decided to write a chart size letter and add all the parts on to it so they could see the pieces with an example. Today we went over the chart, talked about the parts and I sent them on their way to write. I just kept hoping it was going to help and then it happened. One of my little gems asked me “Do I really have to put a request into my letter?” I smiled, told him “Of course you do,” and thought to myself, “YES!!!! Someone was listening!” Enjoy your Wednesday evening!

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