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First Day Of School!

Aug 30

Well, the first day is over. ALthough we have parent-teacher conferences for the first four days of school. So I should say, first day of conferences down, and three to go!!!! I always enjoy conferences, I learn so much about the students, and families. Yet, I can hardly wait until Friday when I actually get to start teaching. So, 1 day down, and 179 to go until my students are first graders. YAY!!!!!

Count Down

Aug 13

The count down until the first day of school is officially on! 17 days in my district! Let’s see of those 17 days I have 4 days of training, 1 day of instructing at another training, a five day visit from my beautiful sister, two medical appointments, and a date with my hairstylist! Hmmmmm. . . . wonder when I am going to find time for the bulletin boards, name tags, lesson plans, etc….. It could be interesting!