B Is For Backpack

May 23

I know, I know! Really a post about backpacks? And yes, I am going there. Backpacks are a fun way to get your child excited about starting school but here are a few things for you to ponder before you make that all important purchase for the fall.

Make sure your school district does not have a policy on what type of backpack your child is allowed to bring each day. Several districts in my area will only accept clear or mesh see through backpacks being brought to school. You don’t want your child to be disappointed when they can’t use the backpack they have chosen.

Please don’t let your child talk you into buying one of those really small (yet cute) backpacks. My students who bring those are always struggling to get their items home (often in a Walmart bag I have given to them) because all their daily treasures won’t fit.

Another reason I really love the normal to large size backpacks is they give the students a place to store their coat when they are not wearing it. The last several classrooms my students and I have occupied have not had hooks for coats, so my students have to keep their coats in their backpacks during class. This is also a great idea when it comes to combating lice (I know it’s that terrible word every parent cringes at). But it is a fact of elementary school life. Coats touching coats on hooks are a great way to spread the lovely little critters. Having your child learn to put their coat in their backpack automatically when they take it off can help cut down on the transfer of our little friends.

My last little tip about backpacks is please check them both in the morning and at night. Night of course is so you can enjoy all those treasures we have made, notes from the school and fun events we are planning. In the morning don’t forget to check for toys. Kindergarteners love bringing their toys to school to show everyone. It always breaks my heart because they often get broken or stolen. It is always better to leave those special fun toys at home.



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