Windy Weather

Feb 22

Living in eastern Washington gives students a variety of weather to go to school in. Mainly it’s wind!!! The wind blows here during every season but summer!!! We have nice cool autumn breezes that help us feel that it’s time to pick apples and get ready for Halloween! WE have wind chill factors of 5 and below in the winter, which shut down recess of any kind for weeks on end. Causing all kids to ache to go back out and play on the playground. And then we have spring winds. BY spring winds I should say late February and on winds. Gusts of over 50 miles an hour. Winds blowing non-stop everyday and night for weeks at a steady 20 or more miles per hour! Yikes!!!!! The wind makes everyone at school act differently. I’d say I can’t wait for the spring winds to stop blowing but that would also mean the end of the Kindergarten year and my wonderful bunch of students moving on to first grade. Isn’t funny how each thing we wish away also takes with it something we will miss?

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