Time To Blog

Feb 17

I’m so sad to admit I haven’t blogged on my web sight in well over a year. Why??? The main two reasons are CCSS and New teacher evaluations! Yikes!!! Every teacher in America understands with only that said. So, I am now a year and a half into teaching CCSS in every subject and half way to finishing my first year in the new evaluation system. With that said, I am so tired! 🙂 I wonder how new teachers are going to make it through all of this. My district has no set curriculums so we are inventing everything and I am on the long comprehensive form of evaluation. If I had known this is what it would be like all those years ago would I still have become a teacher? If I am really honest with myself the answer would be yes. I love working with the students and their families, being around other educators who have so many great things to offer, and most importantly I have found that I truly love inventing curriculum! So, yes I would be a teacher again and again! Teachers are hardworking, caring, kind, and all together a great group of people! Thank your child’s teacher today for what they do! It will mean more to them then you can ever imagine!

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