P Is For Picking Your Child Up

Jun 13

Students get home from school in a variety of ways everyday and everyone involved in your childs education is working hard to make sure all 500 of the kids in the school get where they need to be each day when that final bell rings. There are ways you can help us out to ensure your child is going to the right place with the right person.

  • Make sure you know the bus route and times of the bus your child will be riding on.
  • If your child walks home, please make sure the office and their teacher know who they are to walk home with each day and where they are going.
  • If you are planning to pick your child up each day make sure the office and teacher knows who will be picking them up.

That said, let’s talk about changes! And changes happen! Sometimes they are because of emergencies, other times because of a change in work or babysitter and more often than you think they are because someone is running late or there is some type of situation keeping you from getting to the school on time. Here are a few pointers to hopefully help everyone out in these situations.

  • Make sure you have filled out all the emergency forms with the school and have at least 3 people on the list that can pick your child up if you can’t make it.
  • If you have a change in bus drop off spots or the person who will be picking up your child please call the office or send a note with your child. I am not going to let your child leave with anyone who is not on that emergency list unless you have let me know beforehand.
  • If you have someone that is not allowed to pick up your child from school because of a legal issue, please know that you are going to have to give the school legal documentation to keep that person away.
  • Please try to make sure that anyone coming to pick your child up last minute is someone they know. There is nothing scarier to a kinder than to have a friend of a friend have to pick them up (although we do understand emergencies do happen and this is going to come up once in a while).

Finally, when if you are going to pick your child up each day please remember:

  • There are about 500 students and adults outside an elementary school walking around when school is dismissed. Please be careful backing up or moving around in your vehicle. Little children do not always pay attention to what you are doing; they are solely focused on their friends.
  • If you are going to wait in the car for your child, please make sure you get out of the car as they approach and supervise them getting into the vehicle.
  • Never allow your child to walk in the parking lot alone. It is worth the few minutes to get out of the car and walk them to and from the school.

Safety is always our goal when getting kids to and from school and the more you and your child can help us the better! Have a great day!!!


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