O Is For Open House

Jun 09

I  love open house. I loved it when my kids were little and I got to go to school and look around their new classrooms together, met their new teacher and saw the excitement in their eyes as they readied themselves for a new adventure. Now, as a teacher, I still love open house. I love getting to meet my students and their parents for the first time, and watching them look around in wonder at all the new things in the classroom. But I think my favorite thing as a teacher when it comes to open house, is knowing that I am able to help squash a few of those first day jitters down before school even starts. Here are a few things that might help you with open house.

  • If it is at all possible please try to go to your child’s open house or send them with a family member such as a grandparent, if you cannot make it.
  • Make sure you check for the date of open house early in August. Every school does open house different. I have worked at schools that had open house three weeks after school started and schools who had open house the week before school began.
  • Remember, open house is a meet and greet activity. Please don’t ask your teacher how your child is doing in class or about their behavior. If you have questions concerning your child’s learning or behavior please call the school and make an appointment for a meeting with your teacher.
  • Make sure you check out the library, gym, music room, office and playground while you are at open house as well.
  • If your child has a good friend that is also coming to the same school in the fall, come to open house together. It really breaks the ice when the kids can go around the school together and look around.

Most importantly, enjoy your evening at school. Look for fun things and make good memories about coming to meet your teacher for the first time.


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