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Apr 08

An important part of being a young child is and always has been, knowing how to get a hold of your parents in case of an emergency. As parents we have all been there. Trying to get our children to memorize their phone number, address and state they live in so God forbid, if there is an emergency they are able to tell someone this important information.

As a teacher I worried about the kids who just didn’t seem to be able to or want to learn their parent’s phone numbers. So, I came up with this work page where they could use their counting skills while coloring in the number of boxes for each number in their phone number, but they could also practice their number in the classroom.

After each child had finished their page, we placed their picture in the box and bound all the papers into a book (we would also send home a copy of it to parents for much needed practice at home as well). The originals became our classroom phone book, left in the kitchen play area with a couple of old, disconnected cell phones so the kids could pretend they were calling each other. This made for lots of practice and fun during center s.

Several years ago, I found myself with a grandson that was having a hard time remembering his mom and dad’s cell phone numbers. So I printed out two of these pages. Put my daughter’s cell phone number and picture on one and my son-in-law’s picture and number on the other. My daughter took them home and put them on their refrigerator. Every day my son-in-law would ask my grandson about the numbers and eventually he memorized both of his parent’s numbers. After he had memorized the numbers my daughter and son-in-law took this one step further and left these on the refrigerator so babysitters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends would have easy access to the numbers when they were watching their son.

Have fun with your little ones!!! 32180

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