Mother’s Day Gift

May 07

About 6 months ago, my son was cleaning out his room and making a pile of really great stuff he could give to Goodwill. His really great stuff included a box of 30 Memorex Jewel Cases. Mind you these were brand new, never been opened and he was giving them away. While the teacher in me just couldn’t let him go through with it, so while his back was turned I took them for my stash of “things my kids might be able to use in class one day” pile.  I searched for something to make with them on Pinterest and Google and finally found all kinds of picture frames and boxes that other bloggers had made. Although none of the ideas fit my needs perfectly, they did inspire me to come up with this picture frame for my kids to make for their mom’s for Mothers Day this year.




All I had to do was cut the cardstock to fit the two inside panels of the case and take pictures of my wonderful students. These pictures or of the example I gave them. They glued, used tons of stickers (way more than they should of in most cases) and had an all around wonderful time making these for their moms, aunts and grandmas depending on who was raising them.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend! I hope you will be able to enjoy it with those who are the dearest to your heart!!!


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