Great Dollar Finds

Jul 25

Every year about this time I start shopping a little more than usual. Gratefully , I have noticed  throughout my years of teaching that each year brings better and better bargains for teachers as well as the students. So lately I have been out looking for these wonderful and great bargains for my classroom ( All of us teachers know, we have to find good bargains!).  And this year I have found lots of great items for my classroom ranging in price from $1.00 to $2.50 each. My favorite finds have been at Michael’s, Target, Walmart and The Dollar Store! Each of these stores have a teachers section with their back to school bargains. Name plates for a dollar, bulletin board borders for a dollar, totes, and lots of organizational tubs for 2.50! I am having a shopping hay day! Here are a few pictures of my great finds.

I hope each of you is out finding great bargains as well and enjoying our last few weeks of summer vacation!

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