No More Apples On My Desk!

Jul 08

Have you ever noticed that everyone thinks teachers  love everything apples? I’ve received  tons of apple gifts from friends, family and students over the years. And I have loved them all! They have been thoughtful and kind gifts that I have proudly displayed in my classroom. But, I am not an apple kind of person. Before I became a teacher no one would of ever thought to give me something with an apple on it! It’s funny to me how we as people attach certain items to professions and the people that work at them. And apples are definitely for the teacher!

So, I had to laugh when my daughter bought me a black shoe tape dispenser and a black purse sticky note holder for my desk at school recently. They are so me! I love shoes! I love purses! I love to wear the color black!!! I can’t wait to put them on my desk! My colleagues will laugh and say that is so you! And I will be wondering how many of my teacher friends would much rather have the black high heel shoe on their desk than an apple? I bet  at least a few!

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