Walking On The Curb

Apr 09

Last year, I mentioned to my daughter that my four year old grandson needed to start practicing being able to walk on a balance beam both forward and backwards. She looked at me and said, “Really? How am I supposed to help him with that?” I actually had an easy answer for this one. Every time you’re out shopping with him, have him walk up on the curb while you hold his hand. Practice going both forwards and backwards and make it a game. It turned out to be a game he loved.

My daughter and her husband, like so many families where both parents are working, are doing a great job at trying to help their son meet every developmental milestone. But as first time parents, who are trying to squeeze as much family time as they can into every spare moment, it is hard to find the time to work on everything needed. With kids not playing outside as much as past generations, kids are not meeting these skills on their own or with their friends through play.

But don’t worry all is not lost if you haven’t worked on these skills yet! By spending just a few minutes each day running out in the yard or park, walking on curbs, skipping to the mailbox, galloping like a horse , or jumping out the letters in your name, you can help your child meet those developmental milestones quickly and with little to no effort. And your child will love the time spent being silly with you!

Have fun playing!!!


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