T IS For Targets

Jun 17

Learning targets that is! Or Common Core Standards (CCSS). All but a few states have adopted the new standards and they’re either already teaching them in their classrooms fulltime or are they are gradually introducing them as curriculums become available. CCSS seems overwhelming but several school districts have already unpacked the standards and laid out how they will teach them to their students. A couple of things to know about the new standards your child will need to meet are:

  • Remember that these standards are what is expected of your child by the end of the school year. SO don’t panic when you see that long list of things they need to know. They will get there.
  • There are lots of books out there about the standards but unless you’re a teacher or really, really interested in every last detail of the CCSS, it is quicker and easier to use the internet. Several school districts across the US have already unpacked the standards and made them easier to read. Here are a few examples are you to look at.




The most important thing to remember is not to worry. Your child’s teacher will be able to answer any questions you have about the standards and how your child is meeting them.


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