Sunday Afternoon

Apr 22

I have to wonder why it is that I always wait until Sunday afternoon to get my little things done for my classroom the next week. Is it just me? Let me give you an example of my afternoon for today. I need to go to the store and buy potting soil, Marigold seeds, and fake flowers for our Mother’s day gifts (which mind you, we are planting the flowers tomorrow), I need to make an example of the small book I am making in the classroom, I  need to read a chapter for tomorrow’s book study, and I need to finish retyping my portion of a new assessment for our grade level at school. Mind you I could of done some of these things earlier in the week on my way home from work, or before dinner, but no I always wait to rush around while I am doing my laundry and cooking dinner to finish these things up? Is this normal?  Probably!!! So, what ever  last minute things you are doing today to get ready for your new work week, I hope you will allow your self at least one or more fun, frivolous moment in the mix. Have a great Sunday!

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