Q Is For Questions

Jun 15

When my kids were little and in school I used to drive them crazy with questions on how their day at school went. Of course I always got the same answers. We didn’t do anything today, or the same old thing, were two of their favorite answers to anything I asked about what they did during their day. But ask I did, every day after school through all five of my own children’s educations.

Even though they didn’t always give me a great answer, they always knew I was interested. And there were plenty of times I got great answers about their day away from me. Leading to great conversions about everything they were excited about.

But more importantly were those days when they came home from school and couldn’t wait to spill the beans about something that had happened and upset them. Those teachable moments when I could help them better understand our society and how it works.

Don’t forget to ask those questions and discuss the day with your child when you get home each evening. If you find out something is wrong and your child needs help with something or someone at school, please don’t hesitate to call your child’s teacher and talk to them about what is going on. A lot of times kids will not tell me when they are being teased or bullied but they will go home and tell their parents. I love it when their parents contact me. I want all kids to be safe and feel safe at school. If your child is not feeling comfortable at school, make sure their teacher knows and learn how their teacher plans to help your child.

Ask those questions! Let us know when we can help you! And enjoy your child’s answers. They are often the best part of a parents day.


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