Math Resources

Mar 09

Math! Math! Math!!! My district is one of the many districts in our country this year that decided we should jump into teaching all of the CCSS’s! Yet they also chose not to provide us with any curriculum! Yikes!!! We were told that the CCSS is our curriculum. So I, as well as the entire staff of my district, have been scrambling trying to find great ideas to teach math while also trying to still use the manipulatives and other resources that were provided to us earlier in our employment. I have been trying to find anything else I could that would match with the standards, and be developmentally appropriate for my Kindergarteners. I am overwhelmed at the amount of work this has taken us, yet my colleagues and I have taken it on as we were asked too and tried our best to get our students all the resources we could find while still trying to smile. With that said, we have found some really awesome websites to use in our quest to match all the standards to activities and lessons.  The following websites are a few of my favorites. I hope they will help you with your quest to teach the CCSS’s in your classroom also.



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