L Is For Library

Jun 06

Library is a fun experience for kids. For most students it is the very first time they get to check out a book and take it home to read. But with that checkout comes lots of first time responsibility. They have to get it home, keep it away from littler siblings, and get it back. As a teacher, I love that they are learning this responsibility but I also fret a lot about library time because it often becomes a very stressful class for some students. Here are a couple of ways you can help your child lessen their worries when it comes to library.

  • Make sure you know which day during the week your child has library checkout.
  • Keep the library book in their backpack unless they are reading it. That will insure they have it on library day for checkout time.
  • Ask the teacher if they have place to store the book in the classroom if your child returns it a few days earlier than the next library day. I have a basket in my room they can keep their library books in or I let them keep them in their cubbies.
  • If your child accidentally loses the book. Let us know. We can look for it in school, check buses, etc. If it can’t be found, you can pay for the book so your child can check out again.
  • If the book is damaged, please return it and let us know. Our Librarians are wonderful at fixing books. Accidents happen, and I want the students to know we will work it out.
  • Some schools only allow children to check out books within their reading levels while others allow students to check out a topic or book that interest them. Find out how your school library decides what can be checkout so you can talk to your child about their choices of books.

Lastly, enjoy these borrowed books with your child. Building a love of life long reading is very important to all child’s future and it can be a really fun activity to do together each week.


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