H Is For Homework

May 30

Kids coming into kindergarten love the idea of homework. They have seen their older siblings, friends, daycare kids, etc. doing their homework and can’t wait to have homework also. Our parents are often shocked that we have homework in kindergarten. Every teacher will have a different homework plan and reasons why they send homework. There are three things I like for parents to know about my homework system before their child begins the school year.

What type of homework is sent home- Every teacher, school and district is going to have their own ideas on what and why your child has homework. Most schools will expect your child to also be reading at least 15 to 20 minutes every evening. An example from my classroom would be: Reading every night for 20 minutes, a monthly homework packet that includes a 10 minute activity to do 4 nights a week and a story retell every weekend. Make sure you understand what your child needs to accomplish at home.

When is homework due- Know when things are due back. Most teachers in kindergarten assign homework for extra practice and responsibility. I try very hard to make sure my students know, returning homework is their responsibility. I want them to take ownership in their work and be proud of themselves when they turn it in. But bottom line is I rely on my students wonderful parents to make sure that homework is in the backpack each week.

Does the homework count towards a grade- In my room homework is meant strictly as extra practice but that is not always the case. Make sure you check to see if your child’s homework counts towards their grade in class so you can be sure it is turned in on time.

I know we are all busy and have lots to do, but spending that 15 minutes a day, helping your child do homework can be a fun experience. Enjoy your time together!


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