Garage Sales

Apr 29

My best friend thinks I have an addition. I know, your thinking it’s garage sales because of the title of this entry. But no!!! It’s buying things for my classroom and students. She says I spend way to much of my money on things for my students. There is no doubt that she is right. But, as all teachers, I want to give my kids a fun learning environment with as many of the extras as I can. And if you want your students to have the extras, your childes teacher has to buy them. With huge cutbacks in education, the expectation is that teachers will buy all the extras (and a lot of the essentials) themselves. Is this right? Of course not! But I am still constantly going to garage sales, the Dollar Store, Clearance Sales, etc. and buying things for my students to use in class. And I would bet if we took a poll of teachers in America, we would find that I am by no means the only teacher giving back. Teachers love what we do and we put ours hearts and our pocketbooks into our work. Happy Sunday!!!

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