First Week Of Kindergarten

Sep 10

I can’t get over how little Kindergartners are this time of year. I tend to forget they start out in my classroom without a lot of school social skills. That can make life as a teacher both hard and hilarious! With that said, my quote from a kinder this week comes from a little boy in the classroom next door to mine. During the lunch recess I was walking down the hallway and he came running by me. I asked him “What are you doing buddy?” He grinned ear to ear, raised his hand as high as he could to show me the hall pass he had gotten from a Para outside and excitedly said “I have a free pass to get a drink!” And on he ran to the water fountain.¬†Boy, oh, boy do I miss the days when I thought getting a pass for water in the hallway was both a great adventure and a free gift from someone else!

I hope you will enjoy something free and fun today as well!

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