End Of The Year Door Decorations

Apr 05

Every month I change the decorations on my classroom door to match something that is going on that month. I usually use holidays or seasons and always the kids names. But for the last month this year I am going to try something new. I went to the dollar store and bought all kinds of hats, glasses, etc. to dress-up with. I am planning to have each of my kids dress up how ever they want, hold a sign up that states what they want to be when they grow up and take their picture. I am going to hang their pictures on the door under the statement “Class of 2026!” I am so excited to see it, yet dismayed that the year 2026 seems like forever! And I got a shopping trip to the dollar store out of this new idea, which always makes for a great day! Have a wonderful Saturday!!! 🙂 (Here are some of my dollar store finds!)


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