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Dec 29

My school district currently teaches reading from the Imagine It! curriculum. We have a walk to read program throughout our building in first through fifth grades. I, of course, teach second grade, where we have three sections of walk to read. We have the above grade level students, benchmark students and two classes of intervention students. I teach one of the two interventions classes.

One of the issues I have had in my classroom in the past with this curriculum is it is very hard for my kids to come up with questions or bring in concept ideas to go with what we are studying. In fact, to be honest, last year my board stayed empty 90% of the time. This drove me crazy. I racked my brain trying to think of ways I could get my kids to become involved with the concept/question board. After much debate I decided to help them with the concept or theme of each story but following the curriculum prompts and us completing the board as a class. We have now finished two units of the curriculum and I wanted to share with you our completed boards so far this school year. To be quite honest, I am not sure that this is what Imagine It! Had in mind for the concept board, but my ESL readers ( who are at least 12 to 2 grade levels in reading below the benchmark) are enjoying this part of reading each week. So I will call this a win just for helping to bring more interest and understanding to each story we read.

Our first unit is titled: Kindness is…


And our concept /question board question is: How can you show kindness to others?

These are the questions we posed to the students during each of unit ones stories and what we used as for the concept/question board.

Lesson 1: How can you help make the world a kinder place?


Lesson 2: In what ways can you show kindness to the earth?


Lesson 3: Is it better to give kindness or to receive it?


Lesson 4: Can animals be kind to one another?


Lesson 5: How can being kind help you make friends? Tell me about your favorite stuffed animal and how you are friends with it.



Our second unit is titled: Let’s Explore


And our concept/question board question is: What did you discover outside today?

Lesson1: How much do you know about the daily lives of ants?


Lesson 2: Have you ever found a rock that reminds you of something? Tell me about it.


Lesson 3: What other insects might you find in the grass?


Lesson 4: What other animals might use a birdhouse for their home?


Lesson 5: Compare and label a conifer and a deciduous tree.


I hope you enjoy our examples. We are a couple of stories into unit three. I will try to put those pictures on in a timelier manner. Have a wonderful last week of December


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