ABC’s Of Kindergarten

May 21

Navigating through the school system with your first school age child can be so overwhelming. Your not only are leaving the fate of your most precious little one in our hands, but your trying to work your way through all the paperwork, rules, and policies of a school that you probably know little to nothing about. Believe me; school districts have policies and procedures for everything! Most are meant to make your life easier and your child’s time at school safer. That said, I have noticed that in our overwhelming world of things to do, and places to be school policies and classroom procedures can often make you and your child’s first school year experience a little stressful.

Teachers absolutely do not want you to be stressed about sending your child to spend each school day with us. We want you and your child to enjoy being at school, the wonderful people that work there and the many new friends you and your child are going to make while on this new journey.

This next set of blogs, The ABC’s of Kindergarten, is meant to give you a short, quick glimpse into some of the daily routines of both the kindergarten classroom and the school. I hope they will help you to feel more at ease and gain a little knowledge into our daily practices.


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